Monday, November 29, 2010

New York! New York! in a Day

We decided to visit New York on a Saturday morning during the thanksgiving weekend break. We drove from New Haven CT all the way to Flushing in Queens. We found a municipal car park that charged us US$4 for 12 hours. We reckon that it would be easier for us to use the Metro than to try to drive in downtown New York. Even though it was a thanksgiving weekend, the traffic was pretty heavy.

Sharon and Darren standing on Broadway looking at the billboards for the many shows and musicals that is available everyday. The huge displays clamour for our attention. Hey, watch me!, try me! and wear me!

There was a huge crowd of tourist that thronged Broadway with thousands more walking the streets and the avenues. Manhattan island is crisscrossed with streets and avenues and finding our way around is quite a nightmare if we do not have any bearings or landmarks to make a reference. And because of the tall buildings, the GPS does not really work properly! As a rough guide, I found out that Avenues run North to South and streets run East to West with Broadway Avenue running diagonally across the island and Seventh Avenue roughly in the centre. Therefore, if you are walking about in Manhattan, increasing street numbers means that you are heading North!

A Hershey's chocolate building that beckoned us to enter!

Sharon and Darren trying to pick out some chocolates inside the shop!

Taking a breather on Broadway!

Having a lunch break in Central park, well we had sandwiches, roast chicken, apples and coke! What else!

Notice the layers of clothes we are bundled in! The temperature was around 5°C, but the wind chill factor made it even colder. I had on four layers of clothing, and Sharon is wearing two jackets!

Standing in front of the Staten Island ferry station near Battery Park, the southern most end of Manhattan island.

We found out that the ferry ride to Staten Island is free and it takes roughly 25 mins each way plus a grand view of the Statue of Liberty along the way.

Standing on the deck aboard the ferry waiting for it to depart, many felt that the Staten Island ferry ride is something you should not miss!

The Stature of Liberty in a distance, there is always a long queue on the island, if you look carefully, you would see the people just in front of the beachfront lining up!

Darren all bundled up in layers too on the ferry

The Manhattan skyline minus the two towers!

At the Metro station waiting for the train to take us back to Flushing in Queens to collect our car.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

"The First Thanksgiving" by Jennie Augusta Brownscombe
This day, 25th November, we join the Americans in remembering their first thanksgiving in 1621. With a thankful heart, we too remember God's goodness and providence in making our stay in New Haven a possibility. It was almost 2 years ago that I applied for a place in OMSC, and today we are already into our third month and our first thanksgiving.

As I look back, I am grateful to the many people who had helped to make this trip possible, giving advice, approving leave from work and their prayers. So I give thanks to God for who He is and what He has done and what He is continuing to do.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Lecture by Dr Peter Kuzmic

Our time in OMSC is not all rest and play, we are into serious seminars all through the months of our residence. Each seminar lasts a week taught by leading experts that hail from different countries. So far we had lectures by Janet Blomberg & Libby on "Nurturing and Educating Third Culture Kids", Dr Duane H Elmer on "Conflict Resolution", Dr Jean-Paul Wiest on "Doing Oral History", Dr Peter Kuzmic on "Mission in an Era of Globalisation" and Professor Andrew F Walls on "The Church on Six Continents"

These people have given their time to spend a week teaching us from their experiences and their lives and they have been a great blessing to many of us

Dr Peter Kuzmic illustrating a point with a Bible in one hand and newspapers in the other.

A photo of Jeremy, Chee Seng, Sharon & Dr Peter Kuzmic after the lecture

A photo of the group that participated in this lecture