Monday, March 30, 2009

Laihana Shops

There was just this one road where both sides are lined with shops selling all the touristy things, ice cream parlour, jewelry stores and stuff. Old, but very charming, it reminds me of Albany in Australia.

Bubba Gump Restaurant

Guess who we met for lunch? It was a sumptous spread of shrimps and chicken with tortillas  washed down with a ice cold fruit shake. Well, Forest Gump didn't stay for lunch! but it was delicious! mmm... but the meal burnt a hole in my pocket! ...sigh... well it will just be once!

Just look at the spicy shrimps... by the way, they removed all the heads, so it is not so bad... si?

There are pieces of fried chicken strips, deep fried shrimps, tortillas, shrimp cocktail and a cheese salad.

The Old Banyan Tree

This Banyan tree just grew and grew, the tree trunks you see are all part of the same tree. The branches just developed roots and grew into the ground. There are many art and craft stores under this one tree. It gives it a nostalgic charm that reminds me of the good old days as a kid playing under the canopy of a tree.

Sunday Outing to Laihana

After Sunday service, I made my way to Laihana with Roman (Mexico) for a day trip. It is about an hour's travel by bus that wound it's way along the coastal road of Maui.

We arrived at the town in the afternoon, and it was blazing hot, that is why I needed my shades. Right behind me is a giant Banyan tree that was planted in the early 1800's and it covers an area of nearly an acre! The branches spread out and developed roots that reached downwards.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hawaiian Church Service

Listen to the sound of Hawaii presented by these pretty ladies from the Keolahou Church

There’s a little church down Kihei way, 

‘Cross the road from Ma’alaea bay,

Close to God, the people pray, at Keolahou. 

This little church by the ocean spray,

Comes to life on the Sabbath Day, 

Flowers and songs the Island way at Keolahou


Though it’s old, it’s still inviting and seems to say, 

Komo mai,a e pule” – Come in and pray

So, if home is near or far away, 

Come to church on the Holy Day

With new friends of Hawaii nei, at Keolahou


The little church down Kihei way, 

Has grown with love in every way

Serving folks both night and day, at Keolahou. 

This little church by the ocean spray

Spreads its arms to those who pray. 

Sharing love along the way, at Keolahou

Sunday Window Shopping

I am sitting in front of the statue of the Queen of Ka' Ahumanu in a mall named after her. Inside,  there are about 100 shops, including Sears and Macy.

Inside the Bounty Music shop where I bought the Xaphoon for about USD53, cheaper than what was advertised in the internet

Visiting a Hawaiian Church Keolahou

The worship leader Hollis Lee in his Hawaiian shirt playing the Ukulele with the associate pastor Craig Nalette on the far right

Trying out the Ukulele with Jordan Lee and Hollis Lee after the Sunday service in Keolahou church in Kihei, established in the early 1900's

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekdays filled with lectures

I was kinda dressed up for this occasion as I was the chairperson for the day (sort of a class monitor to keep time). How do I look? 

I am with Dr Hani from Oman, a medical doctor who teaches family relationships. A very animated speaker who speaks from the heart.

This is Emoto, a Japanese Hawaiian who works in the background most of the time, making sure that all the audio visual equipment are working all the time. 

I had to keep time so that we start and end on time and that applies to the speaker as well. I will prompt them with a placard that shows the number of minutes left for them to teach. Each of us will get a turn to be the chairperson and today happens to be my turn, so the dressing up!

Friday night's poolside dinner

That is my Friday's poolside dinner, teriyaki chicken, fish, corn on cob, fresh salad, macaroni, with jelly, fruits and soft drinks 

Some of the students, from left Hosea from Malaysia, David fromPhilippines, Victor from India and Roman from Mexico.

A look at the auditorium

This is the auditorium that we use for our worship most of the time. It is very comfortable and each seat has a power point and cable connection for internet installed. So if you have a notebook computer, you are all ready to surf, except that they turn it off during lectures! Sigh....

This is a view from the top looking down at the podium where the lecturer will stand. The lectern has a touch screen computer, a remote pointer and everything you need to give a lecture.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Having a feast here!

This is just part of my dinner, there is a salad bar and a small pastry corner too. It's spaghetti with beef stew and green peas and corn.

For breakfast, we get scrambled eggs, with ham and bread rolls, there's also cereal, cheese, big bowl of fresh fruits with yogurt and to be washed down with coffee or tea, juices. mama mia!! This is too rich! Didn't want to show too much food, otherwise you guys will get the wrong picture

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Exercises and Games

Pete trying very hard to use the Abs exercise machine to reduce his paunch and gain a six-pack.

A keen competition of fooseball or table football between Joao of Brazil and Arnaldo of Venezuela

Official Reception

Volunteers helping out and making our lives as comfortable as possible.

Today was our official reception and we had to be formally dressed, either in a business suit or our national dress. From left, Philip from Malaysia, Suresh from India, Joao from Brazil, Lameck from Zimbabwe, me, Roman from Mexico and Victor from India

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Worship Practice

As we were scheduled to lead in a short worship the next morning, we needed to practise and to arrange and set the songs into the computer system. The one with the guitar is Roman from Mexico and Victor from India is on the piano.

Larder for the Hungry, Open 24 Hrs

This galley leads to us to the larder where we can have a snack even in the middle of the night. It is equpped with a microwave oven and hot water.

What do you think you will find in this larder?

There are instant cup noodles, oats, nestum and even ready to pop "pop-corn", I have not tried it yet, maybe I will if I get real hungry... shhh, cannot tell anyone!

Dining Hall

Part of the buffet line where they will serve desserts; jelly, apple crumble with lemonade, juice or tea

This is the place where we place our plates,cups, bowls and cutlery after we have finished our meals and the volunteers will wash them. Thank God for these 20 over volunteers serving us.

This is where we get our daily cuppa, coffee, tea, hot or cold. 

There are 8 tables set out, but this time around, we are the only group of 20 participants.

This is the main buffet line where we will get at least four different dishes besides, bread and a salad bar.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Wannabe

This gym set is to help strengthen the waist muscles, I had to twist my torso to lift the weights. After every session, we are supposed to wipe the equipment with a disinfectant that is provided so that the next person using it will not have to bear with the sweaty seats and handles

This gym equipment is to tighten the abs muscles, Can't wait to see if I can come back with a six-pack! So just wait and see if that happens?

The photo is not very sharp as I was on the treadmill trying to show proof that I am exercising

Monday, March 16, 2009

Laundry room... self service

Inside one of the many lecture rooms

A beautiful prayer chapel

Part of the West Maui mountain range

Pi'ilani shopping mall

First Day at Haggai Institute

Woke up this morning at about 6.30AM, I didn't sleep very well. Breakfast was at 7.00 AM and since the session will only start tomorrow, I went out to the town to check out the place. There are a couple of small shopping malls where I bought some key chains and two others, Roman and Hosea walked with me to the beach.

Tadaa! My Home for the next One Month

The accommodations and facilities at this Haggai Institute is fantastic, I will blog about them later on. As for my room, I have a double bed all to myself, but I also have a room-mate. Earlier, I slept for a hour or so and then went down for dinner at 7 PM where the rest of the delegates were already there. It was a simple buffet with white rice, corn, macaroni cooked with fish, red beans with black beans, a simple salad bar, apple crumble, jelly, tea, coffee. mmm.. yummy! I must find the gym fast!!!

Aloha Hawaii!!

Aloha! I finally arrived at Honolulu International Airport. but nobody greeted me with a 'lei' (a flower garland given as a sign of welcome) sigh! I see that it has not been renovated for quite a while. I did not encounter any immigration officers that gave me trouble, just the normal unloading of all your personal belongings, mobile phone, notebook into the tray for security inspection. I had to take off my shoes though, but thankfully I did not have to take off my belt! After another short flight on the Hawaiian airline, all three of us from Malaysia finally met up at the Kahulu airport but we had to wait for the 'Speedi-shuttle' which took half an hour to arrive to send us to Haggai Institute.  Not that speedy at all! The mountains looked so beautiful with the top shrouded in the clouds, I hope I can find time to check them out!

Eat and Run!

As I was not too particularly hungry and wanted to be thrifty, I bought myself a ham sandwich and a sushi roll all for a price of 2,000 Won washed down with a bottle of water. A simple meal at McDonalds would have cost me 5,000 Won. Gotta save some money for the return trip in April where I will have to stay overnight