Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Makena beach with the Lava field

This is "Kepa"the Forest Ranger whom we met at the beach where the lava flowed into the sea many years ago. It is a reserved area and no one is allowed to step onto the hardened lava flow. We were told not to take anything, especially the lava rocks which I really wanted to take back.

Here, we are with the raised hand gesture which means to 'hang loose' and relax in Maui. The brown patch behind us is the dried hardened lava field

I am standing on the hardened lava flow that covers the whole beach front that obliterated some of the ancient native land. They have opened up just this little section for us to touch and see the lava stone. It is mostly dark brown or black with a pitted surface due to the presence of air bubbles and so the stone is lighter than any other stone of the same size.

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