Monday, September 6, 2010

Downtown Yale University Campus

It was a great feeling to walk through the campus of the Yale university, looking at the colleges, the halls and the open space under the trees. The design and construction of the Gothic like buildings were specially thought out to give it a sense of antiquity.

This is one of the many secured gates leading into colleges where the freshmen will live, study, play and dine. As the university is built right in the city it was necessary for them to provide a form of security to deter crime.

This is the main entrance to the Sterling Memorial Library where there are more than 4 million books. For further details you can look it up here:

This is the circulation desk and as you may notice, the library is built to look like a cathedral. The image of a woman is that of Mother Yale not Mother Mary and in each hand she holds a crystal globe and a book signifying light and truth (Lux et veritas)

Another photo of the college entrance built with the Gothic design

This is the entrance to the common green where the most of the colleges are located, some of the buildings inside are more than 300 years old!

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