Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Welcome Reception in OMSC

We were officially welcomed by Dr Jonathan Bonk this afternoon to OMSC where we were introduced to the local community. It was a sunny but cool afternoon garden reception where we were treated to piping hot pizzas. There were also a couple of minstrel singing folk songs and ballads to the guests.

The event was held in the garden with tents, with tables and chairs for the guests giving a festive air to the whole reception.

The two singing minstrels were serenading the guests with their songs and putting smiles on their faces with witty comments as they roamed the garden

This is a portable pizza oven that they trucked over for the event. The wood fired crispy pizzas were crunchy and delicious. I have not seen anything like this before!

A closer view of the pizza oven on wheels with it's clay dome oven that baked pizzas on the spot.

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