Monday, March 16, 2009

Aloha Hawaii!!

Aloha! I finally arrived at Honolulu International Airport. but nobody greeted me with a 'lei' (a flower garland given as a sign of welcome) sigh! I see that it has not been renovated for quite a while. I did not encounter any immigration officers that gave me trouble, just the normal unloading of all your personal belongings, mobile phone, notebook into the tray for security inspection. I had to take off my shoes though, but thankfully I did not have to take off my belt! After another short flight on the Hawaiian airline, all three of us from Malaysia finally met up at the Kahulu airport but we had to wait for the 'Speedi-shuttle' which took half an hour to arrive to send us to Haggai Institute.  Not that speedy at all! The mountains looked so beautiful with the top shrouded in the clouds, I hope I can find time to check them out!

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