Monday, March 16, 2009

Local Food Fare

I wanted to try some local foodstuff, so I walked to the Lotte Supermarket and found them selling foodstuff that looked like "Chee Cheong Fun" I had a bowl of that and some Korean fried dumplings. It tasted good, maybe I was hungry!! I had about 26,000 Won with me and after paying 14,000 Won for the ticket and another 5,500 Won to store my hand carry lugguage I was left with about 6,000 Won. I had to change some more Won because I didn't have enough to buy another ticket back to Incheon airport! Being a Sunday, the only currency exchange was closed at the Seoul station! Arrgh!!! I asked around and found that not many could speak English, finally, I went up to a Police post for help, the lady directed me to Lotte Supermarket where there is a small currency exchange counter. So, if you want to change your money, better do it at the airport!!

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