Saturday, October 16, 2010

Autumn Colours

We took a long drive along a picturesque road (highway 169) in Connecticut that wound its way through the farmland dotted with beautiful houses. The leaves were brilliant red, orange and yellow. It was a good thing that we made this trip to watch the beautiful scenery as the leaves will have all fallen in another week in preparation for winter!

We stopped by a Farmhouse Barn called Golden Lamb for lunch, and we met a few Democrats who greeted us by the gate!

It was a beautiful and sunny Saturday morning, but it gets really cold when the wind starts to blow!

We stopped beside the road to take photos of the trees with beautiful bright yellow leaves

Apple picking time! We get to pick our own apples at $1.29 per lb, the trees were drooping with the ripe apples and the ground was littered with it too.

We are inside the barn restaurant waiting for our food to be served! They had the heater on, so it was warm and cosy. It is a great place to spend the afternoon!

One of the orders that we made! This is the Beef Wellington, made American style!

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