Friday, October 29, 2010

A Treat at Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

I went to a New Red Robin Gourmet Burger restaurant in The Connecticut Post in Milford today to celebrate my successful driving test and to give my friend George a treat for his help. We arrived at the Red Robin at about 12 PM and as we were about to enter through the deck area door, we were stopped by a couple of guys sitting at the tables who told us that the restaurant was not opened for business yet. We turned around to leave and then he said to us. "Go right in through the door and get to the front and tell them that Mike sent you in" We did just that and we were ushered to a table and a smiling lady named Lake took our orders. I ordered a Royal Red Robin Burger and George ordered a Red Robin Cheese Burger. Both of these came with a bottomless supply of fries! (unlimited refills). We found out later that Mike was the VP of the company and today was an invitation only entry.

The burgers were great and huge! and the fries were tasty, soft and not too salty. We were also given a plate of Nachos topped with chili and cheese on the house. We could hardly finish the food and had to asked for takeaway containers. We got the bill and guess how much it cost? Nothing! Everything was on the house today as a kind of test run for the actual opening on 1 Nov 2010!

Royal Red Robin Burger®

This is what I got for lunch! FREE!

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