Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Visit to Carnegie Hall in New York

We were invited by the Korean community to attend a worship concert present by the Milal Missionary Choir that was held on the 3rd October 2010 in the Carnegie Hall in New York. We jumped at the opportunity to see and to sit in the world famous hall. On our way there, we stopped in Korea town where everything we see tells us that we were in Korea rather than New York! We shopped in a Korean supermarket H-mart and had dinner in a Sam Won Gahk, a Korean Chinese restaurant and thoroughly enjoyed our evening in New York.

The interior of the Carnegie Hall where I managed to take a couple of photos before I was stopped by the hall attendants who told me that we were not allowed to take photos within the hall without prior permission.

Sharon and her Korean friends Hye Sook and Young Ran in the lobby of the hall.

We were having our dinner in Sam Won Gahk, one of the many Korean restaurants found in the Korean town. The bowls of noodles were huge and very tasty, forgotten what they were called in Korean but you can take a look at their menu ! It was a treat given by the Korean residents.

Darren sitting beside Joy Chul , with Grace Chul next to her and Grace Jung waiting for our food to arrive!

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