Saturday, October 16, 2010

One Busy Week

We had a busy week with a 5-days long seminar on Nurturing Third Culture Kids. On Tuesday, we had a community dinner, on Thursday, Kok Mun and Mayron dropped by for a visit and on Friday we invited a couple of residents over for dinner.

This is the second community dinner that we had and there are new friends dropping by for a visit and to join us in enjoying the meal prepared by the residents and as usual, the varieties of food is just too good to resist!

On Friday, we had friends who came over to our apartment for dinner. From left to right, Sharon, Darren, Kok Mun, Mayron, Leslie Williams and Charles Weller.

Sharon even managed to squeeze in time to make some tasty "Char Siew Pau" during the week. In the photo, she is in the midst of wrapping the meat in the dough before steaming it. We have yet to find a store in New Haven that sells this! Maybe she should start a business here?

Kok Mun (brother in law) and Mayron drove for 12 hours from Charlotte, North Carolina to see us. We had a great time and they also left their car behind for us to drive around until we leave. That is great, right? No, that is not the car they left behind, it is the rental car that they will be driving back to Charlotte.

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